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20 years
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The «GIRD» group of enterprises was founded in 1994 as an engineering company for the development and supply of vehicles of the Ural family.  The opening of its own production of heavy machinery on the basis of the Urals and KamAZ took place in 1998.

For 20 years the GIRD Special Vehicles Plant has already been offering the solutions for business in such areas as the oil and gas complex, the energy complex, the utility complex, transport logistics, airports (air harbors).

 The plant of special vehicles «GIRD» today is the flagship in the production of specialized vehicles for different industries.  The history of GIRD is the steady growth of the most important production indicators, such as the amount of work, the degree of technical equipment, the range of products, the quality, and the volume of products sold.  The competence of the staff, constant work on new solutions, use of modern technologies, well-established customer service, and trust-based relationships with partners allow us to work for you with full dedication.

The structure of the «GIRD» group of enterprises

The «GIRD» group of enterprises includes the trading house and the manufacturing enterprise:

  • GIRD-Autofurgon LLC is the trading house for the sale of special vehicles, commercial vehicles and vans for various purposes
  • Mizatef LLC is the manufacturing enterprise that produces vans and commercial vehicles under the «GIRD» brand.  Mizatef LLC has 4 assembly buildings with a total area of 15,000 square meters, where all the mass production of motor vehicles are carried out.

 Product Catalog of «GIRD» brand:

  •  Mobile workshops: Mobile truck repair shop, Repair and maintenance unit for pumping machines, Oil dispensing stations, Repair welding units;

  •  Mobile laboratories on the chassis Ural, KamAZ;
  •  Commercial vehicles: Crew buses, Commercial vehicles, Transport and domestic vehicles;
  •  Mobile housing unit;
  •  Drop-side trucks, including with the crane manipulators;
  •  Truck tractors, including with the crane manipulators;
  •  Units for dewaxing and steam treatment of the zone of wells (Mobile steam generators, Well dewaxing Units);
  •  Logging vehicles (logging trucks, short log trucks);
  •  Bucket lifts;
  • Tanker trucks (Oil-field tankers, Fuel tankers, Tankers for transportation and short-term storage of food liquids (milk, drinking water), Vacuum machine, Oil products condensate collection units);
  • Special purpose vehicles;
  • Airfield special machinery (Well dewaxing unit, Ambulift (for displacement of people with impaired mobility), Highloader (for displacement of freight)).



more than 16 000
and special vehicles!

Sale, installation, service of crane manipulators

The plant of special vehicles «GIRD» is a mono-brand dealer of crane manipulators of the Austrian concern PALFINGER.

Technical service

We carry out all types of diagnostics, maintenance and repair of crane manipulator systems and special equipment. Highly qualified service technicians provided with the appropriate diagnostic equipment are pleased to offer and they are able to provide timely and high-quality maintenance, consulting services and technical support for their regular customers.

Our advantages

  • Successful production experience (over 20 years)
  • Availability of finished products in stock
  • All products have certificates and Type-approval of the vehicle certificate
  • Service support and service guarantee
  • Individual design approach
  • Quality control at every stage of production
  • The use of certified materials and imported components.
Офис ГИРД Изготовительный цех
Company office Production line (autovans) Production line (special vehicles)
Стоянка шасси Склад КМУ 
Chassis parking Parking with ready to use vehicles Storage of crane manipulators
Территория ГИРД
  The territory of the enterprise